Community collaborative Mural- spaces in between!

I’m SO excited to share this with you!

I have been cooking this project for many months and it has finally come to light and a closure/new beginning. The project is called “Spaces in between” and it’s because that’s what art is for me. It’s all about giving back to our community with art, because honestly, that’s one of the main reasons I opened my business and why I don’t only focus on selling art. It’s been collaborated with Arts in the Park and LDAY .

It doesn't matter where you're coming from. It doesn't matter which language you speak. It doesn't matter what age you are. You can always become a more colorful version of yourself and give back to your community, if you remember to enjoy the spaces in between. This project represents the empowering and inspiring results of collaborative forms of arts in our community.

The project focus on the idea of spaces in between through music and art, from the perspectives of our community members. The spaces in between can be when we enjoy a good song, the deep breath we take in between the busy moments. The project focus on a visual representation of the feeling of spaces in between with the use of lines and hues, negative space and contrast, and was painted collaboratively by the community members at Arts in the Park in June 2019, over a week, by community members of all ages. These paintings were created by the community for the community, and was donated to an organization that supports the community and empowers it, just like art does. This way, members and especially kids from the community take part at a bigger project to show appreciation to organizations such as LDAY, and support them back with a visual reminder of appreciation. It will hopefully serve the goal of inspiring people to remember the value of art forms and the space it brings to our lives, as well as the value of giving back to our community. LDAY are AMAZING! and sure deserve lots of love and colors, and I’m honored to give them this wonderful piece. Also, a HUGE THANK YOU to Arts in the Park for letting me paint this with our community. You’re wonderful for supporting arts in so many ways!

The project focus visually on different uses of line (cross hatch, pointillism) geometric lines and shapes that create spaces in between the shapes in the canvas. We create spaces in between through negative space and contrast in value, and use hues to create a vivid feeling of musical vibes, according to the music played that day at Arts in the Park. As this was created by many people, there was lots of room for creativity and flexibility, to see how the paintings develop as each participant adds a new line and idea. 

Hope it inspires you to go paint ;) and adds some brightfulness to your day!

colorfully yours,



Me and stephanie at LDAY

The painting has found a new home! :)