Art and Craft at home! - Abstract Painting

Some fun art at home! wehooo!!!

It’s spring, let’s get colorful! For this one, let’s do an abstract.

I usually pick 2-3 colors that go well together (complementary colors or just any ones that you like- you can’t go wrong!) . start making small lines in the dark colors. Then add in the spaces in between the lighter color. Then wait for it to dry a bit if you want a clear hue differentiation (or not if you want to mix them up and blend the hues ) and make the bright colors lines.

Just have fun with it! Freedom!!!!!

I love this template it’s so fun and liberating. It becomes automated after a while and a your hand just goes. And because it’s abstract you really don’t need to worry about the outcome. Yo can also add elements later if you want (a sea, a horse, moose, etc.)

Enjoy! I hope this inspired you to go and paint with someone you love, friends, family, yourself (yes! show yourself some love too!) and use the magic power of art to remember and enjoy the great moments in between :)

Colorfully yours,