Creating art and craft at home

Art should be accessible, fun, and a great way to feel inspired. From recycled art to be aware of reducing waste, to paint parties at your home tips that you can do yourselves, and more. Every time I'll share something else.

And because it's fall- let's chat about making art with fall colors and nature! I love the red, green, yellow and all the colors that pop up now. Last time we talked about the basic colors, this time we'll talk about complementary colors- colors that couple best together in the colors wheel. We got red with green, blue with orange, and yellow with purple - the colors that are located opposite in the color wheel. Our brain is wired to like them together (I know- Christmas is all about these colors!) and they'll make you happier in and out! It's like color magic :)

Now let's bring them together! they work best when side by side. I love their effects and I love even more how we can paint them with nature- such a leaves prints. Next time you take a walk, pick a nice shaped leaf. Then when you get home, take some paint in complementary couples (red-green, blue-orange, yellow-purple) and put some acrylic on a paper plate from each. Then dip a brush in one clean color, and cover one leaf in orange for example, and flip the leaf onto a page. Press for 10 seconds and take off. And another leaf onto blue- and on a page. And more! You'll get a leaf print with special shapes- and no print looks like another! 

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Hope you'll enjoy playing! This is it for now,  next time is a surprise! ;)  

The picture is one of my favorites- hope it inspired you go get colorful!

Breath cut.jpg

Community collaborative Mural- spaces in between!

I’m SO excited to share this with you!

I have been cooking this project for many months and it has finally come to light and a closure/new beginning. The project is called “Spaces in between” and it’s because that’s what art is for me. It’s all about giving back to our community with art, because honestly, that’s one of the main reasons I opened my business and why I don’t only focus on selling art. It’s been collaborated with Arts in the Park and LDAY .

It doesn't matter where you're coming from. It doesn't matter which language you speak. It doesn't matter what age you are. You can always become a more colorful version of yourself and give back to your community, if you remember to enjoy the spaces in between. This project represents the empowering and inspiring results of collaborative forms of arts in our community.

The project focus on the idea of spaces in between through music and art, from the perspectives of our community members. The spaces in between can be when we enjoy a good song, the deep breath we take in between the busy moments. The project focus on a visual representation of the feeling of spaces in between with the use of lines and hues, negative space and contrast, and was painted collaboratively by the community members at Arts in the Park in June 2019, over a week, by community members of all ages. These paintings were created by the community for the community, and was donated to an organization that supports the community and empowers it, just like art does. This way, members and especially kids from the community take part at a bigger project to show appreciation to organizations such as LDAY, and support them back with a visual reminder of appreciation. It will hopefully serve the goal of inspiring people to remember the value of art forms and the space it brings to our lives, as well as the value of giving back to our community. LDAY are AMAZING! and sure deserve lots of love and colors, and I’m honored to give them this wonderful piece. Also, a HUGE THANK YOU to Arts in the Park for letting me paint this with our community. You’re wonderful for supporting arts in so many ways!

The project focus visually on different uses of line (cross hatch, pointillism) geometric lines and shapes that create spaces in between the shapes in the canvas. We create spaces in between through negative space and contrast in value, and use hues to create a vivid feeling of musical vibes, according to the music played that day at Arts in the Park. As this was created by many people, there was lots of room for creativity and flexibility, to see how the paintings develop as each participant adds a new line and idea. 

Hope it inspires you to go paint ;) and adds some brightfulness to your day!

colorfully yours,



Me and stephanie at LDAY

The painting has found a new home! :)

Art and Craft at home! - Abstract Painting

Some fun art at home! wehooo!!!

It’s spring, let’s get colorful! For this one, let’s do an abstract.

I usually pick 2-3 colors that go well together (complementary colors or just any ones that you like- you can’t go wrong!) . start making small lines in the dark colors. Then add in the spaces in between the lighter color. Then wait for it to dry a bit if you want a clear hue differentiation (or not if you want to mix them up and blend the hues ) and make the bright colors lines.

Just have fun with it! Freedom!!!!!

I love this template it’s so fun and liberating. It becomes automated after a while and a your hand just goes. And because it’s abstract you really don’t need to worry about the outcome. Yo can also add elements later if you want (a sea, a horse, moose, etc.)

Enjoy! I hope this inspired you to go and paint with someone you love, friends, family, yourself (yes! show yourself some love too!) and use the magic power of art to remember and enjoy the great moments in between :)

Colorfully yours,



Art is meant to empower our community - Opening reception at the Itsy Bitsy Yarn Store!

Hi everyone!

Today I’d love to share with you a huge part of why I opened my business and why art has magic powers.

Art can empower us, our communities and our relationships. It can be a great way to reconnect, share values visually, have a community event, and paint a place we want to remember from a shared experience.

I opened the business to be a part of this, and so when we bring people together through colors, it will inspire and include as many communities, wonderful individuals, and ideas worth sharing, through color. It’s truly amazing what we can create when we bring what we love through paint.

I’m excited to invite you to join us in celebrating the commissioned mural painting at the Itsy Bitsy Yarn Store. I was inspired to create (by the amazing store that owns it) a yarn wonderland, where yarn grows on trees and rivers are knitted where you want them to pop up. I mean, isn’t this how the Yukon River came to be? Someone knitted it over a long winter? ;) Haha… but seriously, this mural is a colorful appreciation to the amazing people that run it and the great COMMUNITY and creativity it supports.

We are THRILLED to invite you to join us at May 3, Friday, at 5-6 pm, at Itsy Bitsy Yarn Store, to celebrate, enjoy appies, AMAZING DOOR PRIZES, and lots and lots of love and creativity :)

Looking forward to see you soon,

Colorfully yours,



Art by Maya is expanding! plus "painting in pairs" at home tips!

Hi everyone,

I love how art can bring people together and celebrate love, creativity and joy. I said it before and still do - art is magic!

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who came to the “painting in pairs” event at Arts Underground at Valentines to celebrate love through colors, and enjoy sharing a landscape and fun evening! You were so much fun to paint with! I appreciate how creative you were, and how every painting is different even though it was the same template.

And I’m proud and excited to share with you that Art by Maya is expanding and growing, as I’ll teach an art workshop at Haines Junction! Yukon’s gem, at the heart of the wilderness (details at upcoming events and workshops). It’s at the coldest days (it’s -20 here in Yukon! brrrr….) that we need to warm up our hearts and create together. And I am positive some colors, amazing mountains, and creative people will only help ;)

For your art at home tips, here’s my “painting in pairs” idea:

Take two canvases, but place them together side by side as one long canvas.

Then stretch a masking tape on the horizon line through both canvases to make sure there is a unifying element between the two paintings.

Choose something you both enjoy painting, a landscape from a place you’ve been to, a place you like, a fun theme. Each person can paint their own, but it’s still two sides of the same landscape when put together!

It’s a creative way to paint side by side and have a shared experience, and a new painting to put at home!

I hope this inspired you to go and paint with someone you love, friends, family, yourself (yes! show yourself some love too!) and use the magic power of art to remember and enjoy the great moments in between :)

Colorfully yours,



Celebrating colorful success

Starting the new year can be refreshing but it can also be overwhelming. So as everytime, my answer is colors! :) . This time I’ll share some ideas of how to make it more fun, and if you have kids how to get them involved.

It’s so important to celebrate our success. We always see what we did wrong, and I think that if we celebrate our success from the beginning of the year, we’ll have a much better year!

Take a Jar and decorate it, we can use glass markers, acrylics, anything goes. We can paint items, just colorful patterns, the sky is the limit! Then, every day write at least one thing you’re grateful for, and put it in the jar. When the jar is full (or when you have a really bad day) open it! It’s like an explosion of colorful success you made! AND you have an excuse to draw every day your success on a colorful paper, daily mini craft! win win! I put my jar in the living room and this way I didn’t forget it ;)

Hope this inspires you!

Till next time,

Colorfully yours,




The new year is like a white canvas, and just like any new painting, we never know how it will end up looking like. But we can sure enjoy coloring, drawing, painting, and getting creative while we create our new year ahead.

So before I start sharing everything I have for you, I want to say a huge THANK YOU for making this year AMAZING! your support, and everything you do, from small to big, has been much appreciated and I truly appreciate each and every one of you. I hope to grow the Art by Maya community even more next year! The list is so big and full of incredible people, many wonder woman, from amazing students, clients, boss babes I collaborate with, learn with, and inspired by, friends, family, and many wonderful people I could not have build my business without. Sometimes I feel like I learn from my students more than I teach.

Thank you all for painting with me, sharing your ideas, and being exactly who you are!

Can't wait to share with you LOTS of new workshops, ideas and more for the new year! I have so much ready for you!

Sending you lots of love,


*in the picture, my student paint on me blue hand covers to look like Wonder Woman! and that's pretty much how 2018 made me feel, like a colorful wonder woman!

Holidays cards art!

Hi guys!

How are you? It’s been a while! I’ve been a little away working on some really cool and creative workshops for you all, and now am back and looking forward to share it with you!

This time I’d love to chat with you about how art can bring us together. Especially during the holidays season ! Why not give someone a home made card, and so spend time together making the cards and make a gift! Two birds in one stone! gifts/cards and time with friends/the kids/ PJ and yourself :)

Let’s start!

I had the pleasure to teach at Arts Underground an the Yukon Art Center a holidays cards workshop, and it was SO much fun! Weather you’re a kid in age or heart, let’s get some colors out and make personalized cards. It’s so much more personal, fun, inspiring, budget friendly, and colorful!

We made cards and the kids decorated them and the kids (and adults) had the most sweet ideas. Here is the guidelines to what we did, in case you feel inspired to get your colors out :)

Destination Cards

  • Take construction paper, fold in half, and cut. You just made 2 cards basics!

  • Take each half, and fold it again. That’s your card. Decide if you’re opening it upwards, left, right, or upside down, who said it has to be straight?! go crazy! ;)

  • Get some magazines, old pictures, old maps, anything you want to cut and paste at the front. Preferably what who’s getting it likes best (my card receiver loves traveling so lots of maps cut outs! or if they love northern lights then night sky!)

  • Glue your map/picture/tree/whatever at the front, and continue decorating around it, as if the center of the picture is real and glued, and the rest is made up and filled with drawings you did around the original picture, all around it. If it’s a map, continue it. If it’s a picture, draw what’s around it. If it’s a tree, add a forest behind it.

  • Now open it and draw inside what the map lead to! It can be a treasure, a hug, a picture of a fun event you shared together and it lead to a memory, anything that will bring a smile to someone’s face. We did dog steps leading to the dog, steps leading to a house (the card went to a house of a person… kids make perfect sense…. :P )

  • Write in it and sign! All ready!

Buttons and pop out cards

  • Get some buttons, cards, pastels, and more out

  • Fold and Cut the construction paper like before

  • Glue buttons at he center and turn them into flowers, and decorate around

  • Make a Christmas tree from buttons! Heads up, it makes the card heavy and takes time to dry

  • Enjoy a fun card making evening! This one is totally free style ;)

Hope it inspired you and gave you some idea!

Happy holidays and chat soon ;)

Colorfully yours,


Let’s make Here is what we did.


The colorful power of gratitude

First of all, welcome to all the new subscribers! And thank you to all the old ones that keep checking my emails!

I want to dedicate this Newsletter to say a huge THANK YOU to YOU! In the spirit of the holidays, I was thinking what I’m grateful for, and it’s you!

So thank you for the support in my colorful business, joining my workshops and classes, writing sweeet emails that warm my heart, and so much more. Without you I would not have been able to make my dreams come true, open my art business, and inspire more and more people through art every single day. Each and every one of you is so creative. It can be at art, music, coming u with unique solutions at work and home, fun evening routines, sports, problem solving- you name it!

Creativity comes in many forms. And I’m grateful I get to see your creativity through art at the workshops, and as you know- no painting looks like another at the end! because each and every one of you is special, and that’s amazing!

And yes, I’m sure you’re all familiar with gratitude and how appreciating what we have can improve our life quality. There are endless researches that show that. But why not say thank you in more creative ways, and make it colorful? How about next time you think of someone you appreciate, make a small doodle on a note, or a thank you card and say what makes you appreciate them. It might be just the pick me up they needed on a long Monday ;)

How seasons changes can inspire us to do more colorful art! 

How is it already September?! Summer was going by so fast and before I knew it it's the end of summer already (at least in Yukon..)

I sometimes want summer to last forever, but a part of me also knows the fall colors and winter darkness bring perspective and light in its own way. It's the fall colors that bright us up, bringing red, yellow, orange, green, and so many colors combinations that catch my heart and eyes. It's at the darkness that we see the northern lights, stars and constellations. It's the darkness that centers us back inwards. It's the darkness that brings a different kind of light, more bright, more clear, and more from inside rather than outside.

And as always- why not paint what I love and need! I'm excited to have taken part at the Northern Nights event in Kluane for the third year and paint the night sky under the night sky (and by a heater in a tent ;)  it's getting cold!) 

I invite you to have a look around, and remember to stop and breath every now and then, take the colors and lights in, and continue more rejuvenated, inspired and colorful. I invite you to paint at home (see tip for art at home in my newsletter, or if you’re not on it join the newsletter at “contact me” on this website) ,or get outside and join me at the Northern Nights workshop at kathleen Lake (see at upcoming workshops and events), or just take a longer walk today, have a look around, enjoy the colors in your own way, and allow yourself to change with the seasons. :) 

Until next time!