Art is meant to empower our community - Opening reception at the Itsy Bitsy Yarn Store!

Hi everyone!

Today I’d love to share with you a huge part of why I opened my business and why art has magic powers.

Art can empower us, our communities and our relationships. It can be a great way to reconnect, share values visually, have a community event, and paint a place we want to remember from a shared experience.

I opened the business to be a part of this, and so when we bring people together through colors, it will inspire and include as many communities, wonderful individuals, and ideas worth sharing, through color. It’s truly amazing what we can create when we bring what we love through paint.

I’m excited to invite you to join us in celebrating the commissioned mural painting at the Itsy Bitsy Yarn Store. I was inspired to create (by the amazing store that owns it) a yarn wonderland, where yarn grows on trees and rivers are knitted where you want them to pop up. I mean, isn’t this how the Yukon River came to be? Someone knitted it over a long winter? ;) Haha… but seriously, this mural is a colorful appreciation to the amazing people that run it and the great COMMUNITY and creativity it supports.

We are THRILLED to invite you to join us at May 3, Friday, at 5-6 pm, at Itsy Bitsy Yarn Store, to celebrate, enjoy appies, AMAZING DOOR PRIZES, and lots and lots of love and creativity :)

Looking forward to see you soon,

Colorfully yours,