Art by Maya is expanding! plus "painting in pairs" at home tips!

Hi everyone,

I love how art can bring people together and celebrate love, creativity and joy. I said it before and still do - art is magic!

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who came to the “painting in pairs” event at Arts Underground at Valentines to celebrate love through colors, and enjoy sharing a landscape and fun evening! You were so much fun to paint with! I appreciate how creative you were, and how every painting is different even though it was the same template.

And I’m proud and excited to share with you that Art by Maya is expanding and growing, as I’ll teach an art workshop at Haines Junction! Yukon’s gem, at the heart of the wilderness (details at upcoming events and workshops). It’s at the coldest days (it’s -20 here in Yukon! brrrr….) that we need to warm up our hearts and create together. And I am positive some colors, amazing mountains, and creative people will only help ;)

For your art at home tips, here’s my “painting in pairs” idea:

Take two canvases, but place them together side by side as one long canvas.

Then stretch a masking tape on the horizon line through both canvases to make sure there is a unifying element between the two paintings.

Choose something you both enjoy painting, a landscape from a place you’ve been to, a place you like, a fun theme. Each person can paint their own, but it’s still two sides of the same landscape when put together!

It’s a creative way to paint side by side and have a shared experience, and a new painting to put at home!

I hope this inspired you to go and paint with someone you love, friends, family, yourself (yes! show yourself some love too!) and use the magic power of art to remember and enjoy the great moments in between :)

Colorfully yours,