Celebrating colorful success

Starting the new year can be refreshing but it can also be overwhelming. So as everytime, my answer is colors! :) . This time I’ll share some ideas of how to make it more fun, and if you have kids how to get them involved.

It’s so important to celebrate our success. We always see what we did wrong, and I think that if we celebrate our success from the beginning of the year, we’ll have a much better year!

Take a Jar and decorate it, we can use glass markers, acrylics, anything goes. We can paint items, just colorful patterns, the sky is the limit! Then, every day write at least one thing you’re grateful for, and put it in the jar. When the jar is full (or when you have a really bad day) open it! It’s like an explosion of colorful success you made! AND you have an excuse to draw every day your success on a colorful paper, daily mini craft! win win! I put my jar in the living room and this way I didn’t forget it ;)

Hope this inspires you!

Till next time,

Colorfully yours,