Creating art and craft at home

Art should be accessible, fun, and a great way to feel inspired. From recycled art to be aware of reducing waste, to paint parties at your home tips that you can do yourselves, and more. Every time I'll share something else.

And because it's fall- let's chat about making art with fall colors and nature! I love the red, green, yellow and all the colors that pop up now. Last time we talked about the basic colors, this time we'll talk about complementary colors- colors that couple best together in the colors wheel. We got red with green, blue with orange, and yellow with purple - the colors that are located opposite in the color wheel. Our brain is wired to like them together (I know- Christmas is all about these colors!) and they'll make you happier in and out! It's like color magic :)

Now let's bring them together! they work best when side by side. I love their effects and I love even more how we can paint them with nature- such a leaves prints. Next time you take a walk, pick a nice shaped leaf. Then when you get home, take some paint in complementary couples (red-green, blue-orange, yellow-purple) and put some acrylic on a paper plate from each. Then dip a brush in one clean color, and cover one leaf in orange for example, and flip the leaf onto a page. Press for 10 seconds and take off. And another leaf onto blue- and on a page. And more! You'll get a leaf print with special shapes- and no print looks like another! 

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Hope you'll enjoy playing! This is it for now,  next time is a surprise! ;)  

The picture is one of my favorites- hope it inspired you go get colorful!

Breath cut.jpg