Holidays cards art!

Hi guys!

How are you? It’s been a while! I’ve been a little away working on some really cool and creative workshops for you all, and now am back and looking forward to share it with you!

This time I’d love to chat with you about how art can bring us together. Especially during the holidays season ! Why not give someone a home made card, and so spend time together making the cards and make a gift! Two birds in one stone! gifts/cards and time with friends/the kids/ PJ and yourself :)

Let’s start!

I had the pleasure to teach at Arts Underground an the Yukon Art Center a holidays cards workshop, and it was SO much fun! Weather you’re a kid in age or heart, let’s get some colors out and make personalized cards. It’s so much more personal, fun, inspiring, budget friendly, and colorful!

We made cards and the kids decorated them and the kids (and adults) had the most sweet ideas. Here is the guidelines to what we did, in case you feel inspired to get your colors out :)

Destination Cards

  • Take construction paper, fold in half, and cut. You just made 2 cards basics!

  • Take each half, and fold it again. That’s your card. Decide if you’re opening it upwards, left, right, or upside down, who said it has to be straight?! go crazy! ;)

  • Get some magazines, old pictures, old maps, anything you want to cut and paste at the front. Preferably what who’s getting it likes best (my card receiver loves traveling so lots of maps cut outs! or if they love northern lights then night sky!)

  • Glue your map/picture/tree/whatever at the front, and continue decorating around it, as if the center of the picture is real and glued, and the rest is made up and filled with drawings you did around the original picture, all around it. If it’s a map, continue it. If it’s a picture, draw what’s around it. If it’s a tree, add a forest behind it.

  • Now open it and draw inside what the map lead to! It can be a treasure, a hug, a picture of a fun event you shared together and it lead to a memory, anything that will bring a smile to someone’s face. We did dog steps leading to the dog, steps leading to a house (the card went to a house of a person… kids make perfect sense…. :P )

  • Write in it and sign! All ready!

Buttons and pop out cards

  • Get some buttons, cards, pastels, and more out

  • Fold and Cut the construction paper like before

  • Glue buttons at he center and turn them into flowers, and decorate around

  • Make a Christmas tree from buttons! Heads up, it makes the card heavy and takes time to dry

  • Enjoy a fun card making evening! This one is totally free style ;)

Hope it inspired you and gave you some idea!

Happy holidays and chat soon ;)

Colorfully yours,


Let’s make Here is what we did.