The colorful power of gratitude

First of all, welcome to all the new subscribers! And thank you to all the old ones that keep checking my emails!

I want to dedicate this Newsletter to say a huge THANK YOU to YOU! In the spirit of the holidays, I was thinking what I’m grateful for, and it’s you!

So thank you for the support in my colorful business, joining my workshops and classes, writing sweeet emails that warm my heart, and so much more. Without you I would not have been able to make my dreams come true, open my art business, and inspire more and more people through art every single day. Each and every one of you is so creative. It can be at art, music, coming u with unique solutions at work and home, fun evening routines, sports, problem solving- you name it!

Creativity comes in many forms. And I’m grateful I get to see your creativity through art at the workshops, and as you know- no painting looks like another at the end! because each and every one of you is special, and that’s amazing!

And yes, I’m sure you’re all familiar with gratitude and how appreciating what we have can improve our life quality. There are endless researches that show that. But why not say thank you in more creative ways, and make it colorful? How about next time you think of someone you appreciate, make a small doodle on a note, or a thank you card and say what makes you appreciate them. It might be just the pick me up they needed on a long Monday ;)