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"Water" - YAS members show at Arts Underground

Excited to have a few pieces on this show! When my friend said I should be on this show because it's on water and basically all my paintings have water in them (or snow... other water forms...) I thought - sure! makes total sense :) but how to make it special? how to make it a first, even though I've exhibited so many water paintings before?

This is how: this time I'll share a bigger piece of me. I'll share the intentions and inspirations behind each painting in Hebrew as well as its English translation. Because my first language, my initial inspiration, that feeling you have when just picking up the brush and the canvas is still white and all the options are open (aka true freedom... and the best feeling in the world) are all a part of my art. and will be shared at this exhibition in colors and language. So come and visit the show this month at Arts Underground , and enjoy mine and many more talented artists' arts (it's a great YAS members show!) Hope you enjoy it :)