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Art by Maya at Arts in the Park

Art by Maya will be at Artist in the Park! Wehooo!!!

Come meet me at 12-1 pm on the week of June 3 to 8, at the arts in the park space! We’ll visualize how art helps our community! Here is the project we’ll work on, but in short- you’ll paint and it goes to support Whitehorse! :)


. The project will focus on the idea of spaces in between through music and art, from the perspectives of our community members. The spaces in between can be when we breathe deeply, when we enjoy a good song, when we paint longer than planned. It’s an important reminder that sometimes a lunch break for music is a great and valued time, that is just as important as the meetings afterwards if not even more, the deep breath we take in between the busy moments. I will facilitate an art project that will focus on a visual representation of the feeling of spaces in between with the use of lines and hues, negative space and contrast, facilitated by me and painted collaboratively by the community members. It will be donated to a community organization. This way the project is made by the community for the community, and will hopefully serve the goal of inspiring people to remember the value of art forms and the space it brings to our lives.

Art gives a space in between, a different perspective that gives a deep breath and makes everything seem possible. I'd like you to see it through your own eyes and heart, which is why every person in the audience could contribute to the creation of an art piece that represents the space music and colors created for them. It doesn't matter where you're coming from. It doesn't matter which language you speak. It doesn't matter what age you are. You can always become more and more you if you remember to enjoy the spaces in between. This project represents the empowering and inspiring results of collaborative forms of arts in our community

hope to see you thee! :)