Current/ Upcoming workshops and exhibitions:

Colorful Landscapes, Rejuvenating Mandalas, and Collective Mosaic Art Workshops

Join me at a series of 3 fun and creative workshops, to show through colors what fun, empowering and colorful art we can do when creating together! Supplies, step by step instruction in French and English, and fun art- all included! Just bring yourself and enjoy:)

Painting Mandalas with Music 
January 22 (6-8:30) 

Painting Acrylic Yukon Landscapes 
February 27 (6-8:30) 

Empowering Collective Mosaic
March 6 (6-8:30)

Reduced price for all 3 workshops: $150 (includes all supply)
Each individual workshop: $65 each participant (includes all supply)

Elaine Michaud 867-668-2636 or  

For more information call 867-332-1000 or email


Painting in Pairs - Valentines Day Workshop

Come join me at a colorful art workshop for a fun valentines date! Bring your friend, partner, mom, elephant, you name it...  We'll be painting a landscape in complementary colors- because people can complete each other just like colors do! Yukon Brewing Beer, appies, colors, and step by step guidance- all included! Just bring yourselves!   

Where? Arts Underground 
When? February 14, 6-8:30 pm 
How? Register at Arts Underground (867) 667-4080

Maple Wish exhibition @ the Winnipeg Art Gallery

I'm excited and honored to represent the Yukon at the Maple Wish exhibition at the Winnipeg Art Gallery this fall as a part of Canada’s 150th celebrations. The exhibition brings together 13 wooden pieces from 13 different artists [one from each province and territory] with different stories, artistic style, and backgrounds, to form a 9 foot long mosaic which was unveiled on October 1st at the WAG. At this community oriented project I reflected on what makes the Yukon arts community so unique, inspiring, and beautiful and why I love it so much. The exhibit is up for 6 months. 



Now offering youth and adults art workshops!

For more information about the workshops or scheduling please contact Maya at 867-332-1000 or 

Art Workshops for birthdays and special events
Looking for a fun thing to do? Add some color to your party with an art workshop! Now offering art workshops at all levels, for all ages adults and youth at competitive prices with a professional and fun instructor. Contact for more info. 

One on one art classes
Private art classes. Learn to enjoy art, the basics of acrylic paint, how to get inspired, feel accomplishes and make your own beautiful art! There is an artists in every one of us, and I never fail to find him/her :) 

Color Therapy
At this workshop we'll use the therapeutic qualities of colors and different painting methods to activate both sides of our brain. We'll create our art focusing on enjoying the process in a rejuvenating way, with colorful outcomes! 

Exploring colors and textures in nature
Nature has many different patterns, shapes, colors and much more in it. It's not random. It's beautiful, it's math, it's physics and it's art. At this workshop we'll create art inspired by nature's different patterns, colors and textures. 

Painting nature with nature
Have you ever painted nature with nature? At this workshop, on top of being inspired by nature, we'll paint on natural materials and learn to combine nature in our art as a part of it. We can recycle. We can use antlers, wood, and more. Can you guess which other elements will we be using? ;)

Painting mandalas with music 
A fun workshop in which we'll be tracing, painting and coloring mandalas with music. Creating mandalas, art and music all activate the parts in our brains that make us happier. A fun and light workshop for art and music lovers. It's impossible to not feel uplifted afterwards! 

Explore 150
A National Initiative by TakingItGlobal, Based in Toronto, this workshop will bring a colorful way of looking at Canada's complex history and learn from it for a batter future. I'm honored to be a facilitator of this project in the Yukon. Inspiring, informative, and community engaged activities will make this workshop a wonderful opportunity to learn and enjoy making a positive impact in our communities. 

Colorful projects in the community

Maya is a visual artist, art teacher and coordinator in different communities across the Yukon. 

She is currently coordinating the Wish 150 Yukon Mosaic in Whitehorse (Arts Underground and The Yukon Art Center) and Kluane National Park and Reserve (visitor center) and facilitating a variety of art workshops for different events. 

Maya is leading art activities and a few community mosaics in schools, the Yukon Art Center's Kids Kreate and community gallery, and art workshops. 

In the past, Maya donated a few paintings. Among them, are the painting "Blossoming"  given to the Whitehorse General Hospital on January 2016. Special thanks to Maureen and Kathy who welcomed the painting with so much joy. 

She has also donated a painting to the CF Yukon which was sold at an auction on October 16th 2015 to help support the Cystic Fibrosis research, organized through the Klondike roots and blues festival.

Maya continues to inspire for positive impact in our community through art and colors, supporting emerging artists, teaching art classes and exhibiting art shows in the Yukon and more. 

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