Making our community better through colors

I am prod to take part at the Consent Campaign paint party, to raise awareness to consent and make a positive impact in our community through colors!

I had a great time meeting some amazing, fun and talented people came to Art by Maya's special consent paint party and painted colorful magenta (not magneta!) and deep green landscapes, and at the end we added our version of consent and how it looks like. Two birds flying side by side, two trees growing together yet individually, and more inspiring ideas! Why not vidual how we feel in colors? Art is a great way to communicate ideas. 

Who said consent is a word to avoid? heavy? unspeakable? Well we proved it can be colorful, and ok to bring awareness to in a positive way.  If we all spoke about consent daily, even ask a friend "Hi! you seem upset, do you want a hug or just to be left alone?" instead if assuming we can intrude everyone's space- it will make such a difference!  Consent will be a normal thing to talk about, and therefore not avoided in bigger topic as well, where it's much needed. 

So THANK YOU for bringing awareness to consent with me through colors. I am planning many more community projects you'll hear about, because what better way to make our community better then with art?! 

Until next time!